The Industrial Pivot: Uncovering new growth opportunities in the battle against …

For businesses around the globe, the wounds created by the COVID-19 pandemic have been deep, and far-reaching. Industrial companies were particularly badly hit as turbulent market conditions intensified, with life as we knew it grinding to a near-halt.

Yet as the world starts learning how to live with COVID-19, and seeks new ways of beating it, there are encouraging reasons for industry to find hope. If not yet solely from their existing end markets then as a consequence of the new opportunities the fight against the pandemic is creating.

This panel discussion, featuring business leaders spanning the gamut of industry, shines a spotlight on how Middle Eastern industrial companies are successfully pivoting their businesses to drive solutions for a post-pandemic world. Participants will hear about the new initiatives these organizations are taking to keep people safe as they go about everyday life, and to open up additional revenue streams that help them navigate the storm that COVID-19 has created.

  • Why are industrials particularly well-positioned to support the world in recovering from the pandemic?
  • What examples can you share of how you have pivoted to capitalize on new revenue streams that help the fight against COVID-19?
  • What role can advanced technology concepts, such as Big Data, IoT and AI, play to help businesses and societies get back to a sense of normality
  • What do you believe are the top priorities for industrial companies as they adjust to a ‘new normal’ way of working?


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