#GMIS2020 Virtual Summit

#GMIS2020 is set to virtually gather, for the very first time, a cross-section of thought-leaders from public and private sectors, academia, and NGOs, developing and developed countries, to discuss and shape the future of manufacturing.

GMIS has developed a forward-looking agenda, building on the Summit’s theme – Glocalisation: Towards Sustainable and Inclusive Global Value Chains. The agenda is set to drive dynamic discussions and debates around the challenges and opportunities associated with harnessing the power of Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) technologies, to build resilient global value chains, restore power to the global economy, and promote Inclusive and Sustainable Industrial Development, amid the crisis that has engulfed the world.

#GMIS2020 will also take a deep dive into how the disruption caused by the pandemic to global value chains (GVCs) is forcing a fundamental rethink of the structure of these chains in order to make them more resilient in future. Digitalisation of GVCs is creating a new digital thread across the chain, allowing for advanced systems of traceability while improving logistics and planning. The adoption of 4IR technologies, localising production capabilities and capacity building, and spreading inclusive and sustainable development will all be critical to the diversification of global value chains to improve resilience.

Topics to be covered include:

  • A trillion-dollar question: in an age of digital restoration, how are leaders repurposing our economies to deal with a post-crisis era?
  • 4IR for a more resilient manufacturing sector?
  • Glocalisation: from global to local?
  • The Policymakers’ Challenge: navigating through a recession
  • Restoring prosperity in a post-pandemic world
  • Panel Discussion: rise of the machines: robots in a post-pandemic world
  • Pushing the limits in the healthcare, telecoms and education sectors: bent, but not broken?
  • Standardisation: adapting digital standardisation rules to match a post-crisis world
  • Energies of the future: the time for clean energy is now



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