Message From Sberbank

Foundation Partner & #GMIS2020 Summit Sponsor

GMIS 2020 is taking place in a highly challenging context for the world industry – the pandemic that emerged amid existing trade tensions forced many companies to reassess the risks of international cooperation which for many years has been the basis of the modern economic world order. Weakening cooperation could cause a decrease in direct foreign investments, the slowdown of knowledge sharing and technology transfer processes, contracting economic growth in developing countries and, ultimately, all over the world.

That’s why such events as GMIS are particularly meaningful today. The digital revolution is well under way and is dramatically transforming modern industries, creating technologies that were unthinkable only yesterday. As a tech company, Sberbank is in the midst of this process; we are actively developing our digital ecosystem and implementing solutions based on AI and other advanced technologies into all our processes. We are therefore very much aware of the importance of being integrated into the global economy and knowledge framework.

The Global Manufacturing and Industrialization Summit 2020 gathered a number of global, social and business leaders to discuss the issues of international cooperation and value chains. Such regular interaction on various platforms is absolutely essential for sustainable growth of the global economy and overcoming ecological and humanitarian challenges the world is facing. We are proud to be among the sponsors of this event. We fully appreciate the fruitful work of its participants and look forward to participate and support GMIS in the next year.

Herman Gref

CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board ,Sberbank

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