GMIS Connect East Africa


Nov 2019


Nov 2019

Arusha, United Republic of Tanzania

EAC Headquarters, Off Afrika Mashariki Road, Arusha, United Republic of Tanzania



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  • 09:00 09:30

    Welcome for Participants - EAC Anthem

  • 09:30 10:15

    Opening Remarks from the MC

    MC: Mr. Jean Baptiste Havugimana, Director Productive sectors, EAC Secretariat Welcome Remarks by:
    • Hon Christophe Bazivamo, Deputy Secretary General Productive and Social sector
    • Hon. Peter Mathuki, Executive Director, East African Business Council
    • Mr. Stephen Kargbo, UNIDO Representative, UNIDO Field Office in the United Republic Of Tanzania ;
    • Dr. Kirsten Focken, Programme Manager/Cluster Manager, GIZ-EAC
    • Amb. Libérat Mfumukeko, EAC Secretary General

  • 10:15 10:30

    GMIS Presentation

    GMIS Presentation and Objectives of GMIS Connect EAC
    • Mr. James Inston, Head of Marketing and Organising Committee Member at GMIS

  • 10:30 10:40

    Photography Session

  • 10:40 11:00

    Refreshment break

  • SESSION 1: Advanced industrial technologies in East Africa

    The session discusses the degree to which enterprises in East Africa use of advanced industrial technologies and the potential benefits and challenges associated with their further adoption.

  • 11:00 11:15

    Flash of Insight

    Prof. Julius Maima Ogola, Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, University of Nairobi

  • 11:15 12:00

    Panel Discussion: Advanced industrial technology and their effects on East African Manufacturing

    Moderation and online audience interaction: Mr. Laban Cliff, Business and Communications Expert.
    • Proposed discussants:
    1. Ms. Gertrude Ngabirano, Executive Secretary, EASTECO
    2. Dr. Nicholas Haan, Faculty Chair, Global Grand Challenges Singularity
    3. Dr. Vimal Shah, Chairman, Bidco Africa
    4. Professor Charles Kwesiga, Executive Director, Uganda Industrial Research Institute
    5. Mr. Joseph Shitote, Research Engineer, Internet of Things - Industry 4.0 Research, Strathmore University
    6. Mr. Stephan Luyt, Country Manager, Siemens Tanzania

  • SESSION 2: Innovative approaches to technology adoption

    The session focuses on initiatives of innovative entrepreneurs and startup companies that draw from the application of new industrial technologies.

  • 12:00 12:15

    The Mohammed bin Rashid (MBR) Initiative for Global Prosperity: Advanced Technology Solutions for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

    Advanced Technology Solutions for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
    • Mr. James Inston, Senior Marketing Manager and Organising Committee Member at GMIS

  • 12:15 13:00

    Elevator Pitch: Hear from innovative African entrepreneurs

    • Moderation and online audience interaction: Ms. Hellen Abatoni, BBC
    • Proposed speakers:
    o Rwanda: Mr. Aime Uwase, Smart –Urwina
    o Kenya: Mr. Samuel Rigu, Safi Organics
    o Burundi: Mr. Alexis Ntaconzoba, Organo Mineral Fertilizer Industry
    o Uganda: Mr. Otim Brian, East African Community Mobile Application
    o United Republic of Tanzania: Dr. Askwar Hilonga, Nanotechnology-based Water Filter (Nanofilter)
    o South Sudan: Mr. Kidi Samuel R Kulang, Indigenous/Endogenous knowledge

  • 13:00 14:00

    Networking Lunch

  • SESSION 3: The Fourth Industrial Revolution in Agricultural Value Chains

    The session aims at discussing how advanced technologies in the specific value chains can benefit workers, farmers, processors and consumers in East Africa and lead to the production of higher quality goods and contribute to development outcomes, such as improved nutrition, poverty alleviation, increased income, employment, and environmental performance, as per the 2030 Agenda.

  • 14:00 14:15

    Keynote: Disruptive technologies in agricultural value chains: insights from East Africa

    Dr. Max Mendez-Parra, Senior Research Fellow, ODI

  • 14:15 15:00

    Working Group Discussion: Coordination and collaboration along value chains to boost innovation in East African value chains

    Agro Foods

    Leather and Textiles

    Pharmaceuticals, Vaccines and Cosmetics

  • 14:15 15:00

    Agro foods

    1. Mr. Brett Rierson, Special Advisor, USAid Post-Harvest Loss Innovation Lab (Uganda);
    2. Mr. Olivier Suguru, CEO Savonor & Chairman, Association d’Industries du Burundi
    3. Professor Charles Kwesiga, Executive Director, Uganda Industrial Research Institute
    4. Dr. Vimal Shah, Chairman, Bidco Africa

    Moderator: Mr. Laban Cliff

  • 14:15 15:00


    1. Ms. Janet Nkubana, Managing Director and Co-Founder, Gahaya Weaving Links/ Rwanda textiles Associations
    2. Awlachew Sintie, Information Technology and M&E Expert Africa Leather and Leather Products Institute (ALLPI)
    3. Mr. Adam Zuku, Executive Secretary Textile and Garments Manufacturers Association of Tanzania (TEGAMAT)

    Moderator: Ms. Hellen Abatoni

  • 14:15 15:00

    Pharmaceuticals /Vaccines/Cosmetics

    1. Ms. Mary Ngechu, MD, Line Plast Industries
    2. Dr. Susan Musembi, Bio-tech, Vaccines/Diagnostics, Kenyatta University
    3. Mr. Nazeem Mohamed, Kampala Pharmaceutical industries/Aga Khan foundation
    4. Mr. Danny Mutembe, Chairperson, Rwanda Private Pharmaceutical Association
    5. Mr. Robert Karanja, Chief Executive Officer, Villgro

    Moderator: Ms. Ingrid Nantege

  • 15:00 15:30

    Reporting to plenary and discussion by Session Moderators

  • 15:30 16:00

    Refreshment break

  • SESSION 4: Policies to foster investment and technology adoption

    The third panel discussion will address the changing environment of industrial policy and measures to promote public and private investments in enterprise development, telecommunication and digitalization infrastructure, and technology adoption.

  • 16:00 16:15

    TED-X style talk: The Practice of Industrial Policy: Government—Business

    Coordination in Africa by Dr. Frank Hartwich, Research and Industrial Policy Officer, UNIDO

  • 16:15 16:30

    Policy-maker insight: The importance of evidence-based policy making – introducing EQUIP

    Ms. Ruth Pollak, Gender and Industry Analyst, UNIDO

  • 16:30 17:15

    Third Panel Discussion: Policy and Investment – How to support East Africa’s participation in the 4th Industrial Revolution

    • Moderation and online audience interaction (Slido): Ms. Ingrid Nantege, News and Assignments Editor, Metropol TV Kenya.
    • Proposed discussants:
    1. Dr. Simon Githuku, Manager, Research and Fiscal Policy, Kenya Association of Manufacturers.
    2. Mr. Kwame Rugunda, Chief Executive Officer, Crypto Savannah
    3. Mr. Hanningtone Amol, Chief Executive Officer, East African Law society
    4. Mr. Robert Karanja, Chief Executive Officer, Villgro

  • 17:15 17:30

    Question and Answer Session


  • 17:30 17:45

    Resolutions and outlook on future actions

    Eng. Jennifer Gache, Senior Industrial Engineer, EAC.

  • 17:45 18:00

    Closing Inspirational Statement: The importance of education for the future of manufacturing

    The importance and urgency of Digital Skills for the Digital transformation of the Manufacturing sector” by Prof. Emmanuel J. Luoga, Nelson Mandela African Institute of Science and Technology.

    Vote of Thanks: Mr. Jean Baptiste Havugimana, Director Productive Sectors, EAC

  • 19:00

    Participants meet for cocktail reception at the EAC Restaurant

  • SESSION 5: Building capacities in evidence-based policy making for advanced industrial technology adoption

    The session is addressing policy makers and analysts of industrial development and aims to support them in understanding the variety of tools that exist for evidence-based policy making. A tool of the GIZ-UNIDO EQUIP toolkit is showcased to illustrate how analysis of statistical data on advanced technology used can guide policies and programmes that promote technology uptake and use.

  • 09:30 10:00

    Introduction to the EQuIP Toolkit and the new tool on Industry 4.0

    Ms. Ruth Pollak, Gender and Industry Analyst, UNIDO

  • 10:00 10:15

    Introduction on regional industrial policy initiatives

    Mr. Jean Baptiste Havugimana, Director Productive sectors, EAC Secretariat

  • 10:15 11:45

    Introduction to new EQuIP tool on Industry 4.0 and implications for policy making

    Interactive session. Mr. Christoph Hammer, Vienna University of Economics and Business.

  • 11:45 12:00

    Discussion on next steps

  • 12:00 13:00

    Networking Lunch


  • 13:00

    Bus leaves from EAC Headquarters

  • 13:30

    Visit to A-Z Textile Factory in Arusha

    On site discussion with company staff and value chain actors and suppliers

    Return to hotel


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