GMIS Connect Asia-Pacific


Oct 2019


Singapore EXPO


Presentations and panel discussions

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  • 14:30 14:45

    Welcome Address

    Introducing GMIS; Vision, objectives and initiatives
    Namir Hourani, Managing Director and Member of the Organising Committee, GMIS

  • 14:45 15:00

    Presentation: Blockchain and Supply Chain; what’s the connection?

    Randeep Melhi, Chief Operating Officer, Blockshine SG

  • 15:00 16:00

    Panel Discussion: Could supply chains be the missing link for achieving sustainability?

    It is expected that by 2025, around 1.8 billion people will join the global consuming class. Consumer spending should rise even more than the number of consumers as household incomes swell and people use bigger shares of their budgets to buy goods. These trends contribute to a strong growth projection for the consumer sector. However, poor sustainability performance, as measured in environmental and social impact, can slow a company’s growth dramatically. Supply chains hold the biggest opportunities for breakthroughs in sustainability performance. There is increasing awareness and recognition that supply chain sustainability is a critical component of corporate sustainability. Companies have found that the weakest link in their supply chain could adversely affect their reputations and share prices when its vendors are caught with violations to sustainability practices.

    The advancement of digitisation has enabled good implementation of sustainability practices through increased transparency, traceability and data management throughout digital value chains. The shift in attitude and technology progress mark an important milestone towards enhancing corporate responsibility through strengthening supply chain sustainability. As sustainability moves up the national agenda, and being one of the most advanced logistics hubs, what is the state of Singapore’s, and the wider Asia-Pacific region, supply chain business, and where are we going to next?


    Prof. Alex Capri, Visiting Senior Fellow, Department of Analytics & Operations, National University of Singapore (NUS) Business School
    Sarat Mohanty, Head, Global Trade Implementation, Transaction Banking, Standard Chartered Bank
    Randeep Melhi, Chief Operating Officer, Blockshine SG
    Dr. David Gonsalvez, CEO and Rector, Malaysia Institute for Supply Chain Innovation (MISI)


    Jean Cabanes, Managing Director, Accenture

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