10-11 December 2019 GMIS Connect Southern Africa


Dec 2019


Dec 2019

Pretoria, South Africa

Protea Hotel Fire & Ice! Pretoria Menlyn



Think Globally, Act Locally – The Impact of Digital Industrial Transformation in Southern Africa

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  • 08:00 08:55

    Registration and light breakfast

  • OPENING CEREMONY GMIS Connect Southern Africa: What to expect

  • 08:55 09:00

    Introductory Remarks by the Master of Ceremony

    Alex Simm, Innovation Manager, GMIS Organising Committee

  • 09:00 09:40

    Keynote Speeches: Welcome to GMIS Connect SADC

    • Nardos Bekele-Thomas, UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative in South Africa.
    • Ndivhuho Raphulu, Director, National Cleaner Production Centre of South Africa (NCPC-SA)
    • Fabian Kyrieleis, Counsellor Development Cooperation, Federal Republic of Germany Embassy in Botswana
    • Helen Hai, UNIDO Goodwill Ambassador for Industrialization in Africa and CEO of Made in Africa Initiative

  • 09:40 09:55

    GMIS Presentation: The Future of Manufacturing

    Namir Hourani, Managing Director, GMIS Organising Committee

  • MORNING SESSION: GMIS and the Fourth Industrial Revolution in Southern Africa

  • 09:55 10:35

    Fire-side Chat: Challenges and Opportunities to Accelerate Industrial Innovation in Southern Africa

    Investments in infrastructure and innovation are crucial drivers of economic growth and development, as outlined by SDG-9 of the 2030 Agenda. Innovation is an absolutely key to African growth in the coming decades, and this is not exception to the Southern Africa. The region should develop innovation capacity and take advantage of available resources and key sectors to become internationally competitive and ensure an inclusive and sustainable industrial development.

    This session will explore what challenges SADC countries are facing in building technological capabilities and programs, and what opportunities can be sought to build on sectors where the region has comparative advantages, to absorb innovation and adapt it locally, and attract international investors.

    Moderator: Fifi Peters, Anchor, CNBC Africa

    • Ivan Tarimo, Co-Founder and Partner, Bankable Tanzania ltd
    • John Steyn, Managing Director, Aerosud Aviation (Pty) Ltd; Co-Chairperson, Commercial Aerospace Manufacturing Association of SA (CAMASA)
    • Peter Varndell, CEO, NEPAD Business Foundation

  • 10:35 11:35

    Policymakers Talk: How are SADC Governments Designing Digital Industrial Policies?

    The fast spread of digital technologies throughout the world is reshaping production processes and business models, with important implications for the economic diversification and structural transformation of countries. While digital technologies are expected to boost the productivity of labour and capital as well as total factor productivity, and facilitate connections to global markets, they also present serious challenges, including the inclusiveness of development.

    This session will discuss how SADC policymakers are designing, monitoring and adjusting, inter alia, infrastructural, regulatory and industrial policies, to maximize their contribution and participation in the global economy.

    Moderator: Fifi Peters, Anchor, CNBC Africa

    • H.E. Vincent Meriton, Vice President of the Republic of Seychelles
    • H.E. Soomilduth Bholah, Minister of Industrial Development, SMEs and Cooperatives of Mauritius
    • H.E. Sekai Nzenza, Minister of Industry and Commerce of Zimbabwe
    • H.E. Halebonoe Sets`abi, Minister of Trade and Industry of Lesotho
    • Juma Reli, Principal Secretary, Ministry of Trade and Industry of the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar and Former Deputy Governor of Central Bank of Tanzania
    • Rivo Rakotondrasanjy, President, Alliance for Industrialization of Madagascar

  • 11:35 12:05

    In-Conversation: The importance of training on evidence-based industrial policy and instruments

    This session will explore the relevance of evidence-based industrial policy. It will offer an opportunity to introduce EQuIP and how public and private sector can work together towards the development of such toolkits for policymakers.

    Moderator: Anders Isaksson, Senior Research and Industrial Development Officer, UNIDO

    • Johansein Rutaihwa, Senior Programme Officer Industrialisation and Competitiveness, SADC
    • Lindani Ndlovu, Technical Adviser on Industrialisation, GIZ

  • 12:05 13:00


  • AFTERNOON SESSION GMIS 2020 and Global Value Chains in Southern Africa

  • 13:00 14:00

    Panel Discussion: SADC's Regional Value Chains and Standards in the 4IR context

    The discussion will convene to elaborate on the following key topics
    - Digital competitiveness of SADC countries
    - The role of governments in governing and regulating the digital revolution
    - The impact of digitalization on labour and capital markets
    - Building digital infrastructure
    - Building capacities of SMEs in the context of 4IR
    - Implications of product digitization on GVCs/RVCs

    Moderator: Julie Wells, Marketing and Communication Manager, NCPC-SA
    • Reuben Gisore, Technical Director, African Organization for Standardization
    • Elsie Meintjies, Chief Technical Advisor, UNIDO
    • Henry Ruzvidzo, President, Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries
    • Karen Swanepoel, Executive Director: Southern African Oil Producers' Association (SAEOPA)

  • 14:00 14:20

    Tea break

  • 14:20 16:00

    Speed Talks: Digital Tools to Foster Competitiveness and Promote Sustainability of Regional Value Chains in SADC

    SADC has initiated a process to foster the development of a number of prioritized regional value chains. The challenge now lies (a) in the harmonization of national policy and development interventions that ensure investment and technology uptake in the respective value chains and (b) to support the transition to a sustainable energy future under the overarching integrated mandates of the achievement of the SDGs and Inclusive and Sustainable Industrial Development (ISID) through the application of renewable energy for productive uses and the efficient consumption of energy and low-carbon technologies by and for the benefit of industry. This session will allow for exchange of ideas, best practices, and solutions, between participants.
    The session is organized in roundtables. Each table will represent one value chains cluster and participants will be given the opportunity to change table and share ideas and experiences about all value chain clusters. The session will be moderated and each table facilitated by an expert. The list of expert is indicated below.

    Moderator: Alex Simm, Innovation Manager, GMIS Organising Committee
    o Elsie Meintjies, Chief Technical Advisor, UNIDO
    o Linda Manyeza, Founder and CEO, For Food Masters SA
    o Karen Swanepoel, Executive Director, Southern African Oil Producers' Association (SAEOPA)
    o Julie Wells, Marketing and Communication Manager, NCPC-SA

    o Tawanda Muzamwese, Executive Director, Business Council for Sustainable Development Zimbabwe
    o Francis Matambalya, Mwalimu Nyerere Foundation
    o Valerie Geen, National Coordinator, Economic Empowerment of Women in Green Industries, UNIDO
    o Tapiwa Samanga, Former Director of Industry and Trade, SADC

    o Reuben Gisore, Technical Director, African Organization for Standardization
    o Siya Ntutela, CEO, Africa Bio
    o Randall Crisp, Life Sciences Regional Manager Sub Saharan Africa, Clarivate Analytics
    o Representative, Southern African Generic Medicines Association (SAGMA)

  • INNOVATION SESSION: GMIS and Innovative Solutions to achieve the SDGs

  • 16:00 16:20

    Special Session: Technology, Innovation and Sustainability in the 4IR context

    Garth Williams, Research Specialist: Intelligence, Technology Innovation Agency

  • 16:20 16:45

    Lightning talks: Innovators and Makers Disrupting the Industrial Sector for Global Prosperity

    Selected innovators and/or makers should contribute to the below themes, which are part of the 2nd cohort of the MBR Initiative.

    • Technology to Promote Inclusive Trade
    • Innovations for Peace & Justice
    • Sustainable & Healthy Food for All
    • Climate Change

    Moderator: Senisha Moonsamy, Head of Innovation Skills Development, Technology Innovation Agency
    • Emanuel Chibesakunda, Founder, The Plant-A-Million
    • Paseka Lesolang, Managing Director - WHC (Water Hygiene Convenience)
    • Siya Ntutela, CEO, Africa Bio
    • Schizzo Thomson, Managing Director, Sky Energy Africa - Forbes Africa 30 under 30 class of 2019 (tech)

  • CLOSING CEREMONY GMIS and the 2030 Agenda: Recommendations and Outlook on the Future

  • 16:45 17:05

    SDG Talk: What does Southern Africa need to do to reap the benefits of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?

    • Achieng Ojwang, Executive Director, UN Global Compact Network South Africa
    • Anneline Morgan, Senior Programme Officer for STI, SADC

  • 17:05 17:30

    See you at #GMIS2020 at Hannover Messe!

    - Namir Hourani, Managing Director, GMIS Organising Committee
    - Anders Isaksson, Senior Research and Industrial development Officer, UNIDO
    - Christian Grün, Head of Cooperation, Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany to South Africa

  • 18:00

    Networking Cocktail Reception offered to GMIS Connect Southern Africa Delegates


    The ‘Enhancing the Quality of Industrial Policies’ (EQuIP) toolbox, jointly developed by GIZ and UNIDO, offers a comprehensive set of training modules to support industrial policy practitioners to undertake a thorough industrial diagnosis, to design evidence-based strategies and context-appropriate policies for inclusive and sustainable industrial development.
    Over the past three years, it has been deployed in numerous countries globally, including Cambodia, Ukraine, Vietnam, Myanmar, Western Balkans and Georgia. Currently, it is being used in various countries to consolidate and update their industrial policies. The toolbox can be accessed at:

  • 09:00 09:30


  • 09:30 10:00

    Introduction to the EQuIP Toolkit and the new tool on Industry 4.0

    Juergen Amann, Expert on industrial Development, UNIDO

  • 10:00 10:30

    Introduction to industrial policy training in the region

    Lindani Ndlovu, Technical Adviser on Industrialisation, GIZ

  • 10:30 11:00

    Q&A and

  • 11:00 11:30

    Coffee break

  • 11:30 12:30

    Presentation of the EQuIP tool on Industry 4.0

    Juergen Amann, Expert on industrial Development, UNIDO

  • 12:30 13:00

    Q&A and

  • 13:00 14:30



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