GMIS ROADSHOWS Sao Paulo, Brazil


Sep 2018

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Avenida Braz Leme, 1000 - Santana,
São Paulo - SP, 02511-010


Global Manufacturing Industrialisation Summit (GMIS), United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) and National Confederation of Industry Brazil (CNI) invite you to attend GMIS Connect session in Sao Paolo on September 11, 2018.

Many countries use Industrial Policy as an important instrument for economic development. Currently, the 4th Industrial Revolution presents challenges for the effective design of those policies. We would be pleased to welcome you to our event that will be held at TOTVS HQ and debate some key questions around ‘4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) impacts and the challenges for industrial policy’ topic.

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  • 09:30 10:00

    Registration and refreshments

  • 10:00 10:15

    Opening remarks from the Chair

    Carlos Eduardo Abijaodi, Director, CNI

  • 10:15 10:30

    Welcome Address and GMIS Video

    Namir Hourani, Managing Director and Member of the Organising Committee, Global Manufacturing and Industrialisation Summit (GMIS)

  • 10:30 10:35

    Welcome Address

    Alessandro Amadio, Representative for Brazil and Venezuela, United Nations Development Organization (UNIDO)

  • 10:35 10:55

    Keynote Address: Industrial innovation, industry 4.0 and the future of industrial development in Latin America

    H.E. Ambassador Carlos Magariños, Ambassador of the Republic of Argentina to the Federative Republic of Brazil; Former Director General, United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)

  • 10:55 11:05

    State of the Market Address

    A timely macroeconomic overview providing top-level data and market insights from PwC’s bespoke Brazil Country Report
    Rodrigo Damiano, Director, PwC Brazil

  • 11:05 12:00

    Panel Session: 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) impacts and the challenges for industrial policy

    Many countries use Industrial Policy as an important instrument for economic development. Currently, the 4th Industrial Revolution presents challenges for the effective design of those policies.
    • What are the challenges imposed by the 4th Industrial Revolution to Industrial Policies design?
    • What kind of instruments can be utilised to develop and adopt Industry 4.0 in Brazil?
    • How can Industrial Policies design be used as a catalyst to drive innovation in the industrial sector?
    Joao Emílio Padovani Gonçalves, Executive Manager, CNI
    Ana Cristina Costa, Head of Capital Goods, Mobility and Defense, BNDES - Brazilian Development Bank
    José Borges Frias, Head of Strategy, Market Intelligence & Business Excellence, SIEMENS Brasil
    Andrea Macera, Secretary (Substitute) for Industrial Development and Competitiveness, Ministry of Industry, Foreign Trade and Services (MDIC)
    Luciano Coutinho, Coordinator, Industry 2027 Project, CNI

  • 12:00 12:20

    Refreshments and networking break

  • 12:20 13:15

    Panel Session: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and human resources qualification

    Artificial Intelligence is one of the leading technologies of Industry 4.0, it can enhance the capacity of informed decision making, affecting all industry sectors and demanding high skilled professionals to operate it.
    • How does AI affect industry?
    • Which sectors are ready to adopt this technology?
    • How are reforms in education aligning with the needs of innovative industries and the rapid advancements associated with the adoption of 4IR technologies?
    • How can we train professionals to work with AI?
    • What are private sector companies doing to support continuing professional development and up-skilling of existing workforces aligned with technological advancement?
    Felipe Esteves Morgado, Executive Manager, National Service for Industrial Training, SENAI
    TOTVS Representative
    Prof. Glauco Arbix, Professor, Department of Sociology, University of Sao Paulo; Former President, Brazilian Agency for Innovation
    Luciano Sousa, Director, Secretariat of Innovation and New Businesses, Ministry of Industry, Foreign Trade and Services (MDIC)
    Fabio Rua, Director, IBM Latin America

  • 13:15 14:15


  • 14:15 15:15

    Panel Session: Industry 4.0 and Regulation – Risks and mitigation strategies

    The technological possibilities of the 4th Industrial Revolution will drive an increase in data flow and analytics. Specific laws and other measures, particularly related to data property and security and telecommunication infrastructure, are fundamental to a better use of these possibilities by the industry. With the greater adoption of AI, robotics and digitisation of industry there is also an impact on traditional employment structures; not to mention a rising wave of protectionist policies are emerging that have the potential to reshape traditional value chains. This session will review some of the biggest risks and challenges facing policymakers and industrial leaders alike as they seek to develop effective regulation to help mitigate the most significant risks presented by industrialisation 4.0 without stifling the opportunities that it creates.
    • How can companies and government work to define these specifications?
    • What measures can be taken to minimise the number of cyber attacks?
    • How can we assure that the personal data legislation does not stop the international data flow?
    • What are the regulatory challenges for telecommunications infrastructure?
    • How real is the risk of technology driving greater levels of unemployment, or will technology open up new jobs of the future? What measures can be taken to help shape job creation in the 4th industrial revolution?
    • Protectionism – will 4IR strengthen protectionist policies or eliminate borders?
    • Will 4IR lead to greater competition or greater opportunities for collaboration?
    Rodrigo Damiano, Director, PwC Brazil
    Jorge Mario Campagnolo, Director, Unit of Policies and Programs to Support Innovation, Ministry of Science, Technology Innovations and Communication, MCTIC
    Enylson Camolesi, Director, Telefonica/VIVO
    Carlos Amorim, Brazilian National Standards Organization ABNT
    Juliana Araujo, Partner, K&L Gates LLP

  • 15:15 15:30

    Closing remarks from the Chair

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